About Us

Your simple funding solution to a secure business future.

Our Story

The influx of many business investors observed a sudden rise in the financial crisis. The need to overcome this crisis gave way to traditional funders that came with a significant disadvantage of heaps of paperwork to start the approval process. That is how Fast Alternative Funding came into being. Founded by Clifford Nurse, we help business owners keep their feet on the grounds with our swift and speedy funding solutions.
At Fast Alternative Funding, we keep the funding procedure as short as possible with the minimum paperwork. That is why we work with a step-by-step guided approach to help you walk through the entire process. Having helped several business owners in the recent past, we are proud to be the trustworthy choice of many who rely on us for their funding needs.

Why Choose Us?

In our experience, we have learned one thing: business loan processes are bearable when you have a partner by your side. That is us. Whether you’re an aspiring business startup, or someone looking for a quick financial leg up, Fast Alternative Funding has the apt specialists to help you out of every tight spot.
Our hassle-free funding solutions make it easier to get your hands on fast loans without worrying about piles of paperwork because that is what our experts are best known for. From a loan approval within 24 hours to the whole funding procedure finalized within three days, Fast Alternative Funding is the best resource to take your unique business to the next level.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for What We Do

Their response was quick, and the funding was approved faster than I expected.

I was worried if the amount of loan I needed would be approved. Luckily, Fast Alternative Funding was there to help.

They guided us in all the steps from approval to securing the funding. Professional and efficient in what they do.

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